two lovers sitting on a beachFirst of all, we need to understand the word Synastry, which was first derived from the Greek words ‘syn‘, which means connecting to another person, and the word ‘Astron‘ which refers to star. The combination of these two words shows the meaning of synastry which is the determination of the degree of conformity between two people. Delving deeper it can also give indications that can help to adjust characteristics which in turn will lead to an understanding and more harmonious relationship.

The ancient art of synastry

The workings and subsequent calculations of synastry date back thousands of years and are rooted in the beliefs of the Greek, Roman and Egyptian psych, which has been handed down through the generations. The exact time and date of a person’s birth are entered onto their natal chart. A calculation is then performed using maths and geometry, to establish the exact location of the planets in our universe in relation to our two main controlling planets which are the Sun and Moon.

Our universe is continually moving around the Sun, and each planet has its own circle of movement which is controlled by the gravitational pull as they continue to rotate. Astrologers believe that by taking a person’s natal chart to establish a time of birth, the positioning of planets has a direct bearing on characteristics of that person.

Characteristics and Compatibility

As a person matures these characteristics become more apparent allowing a qualified astrologer to be able to give advice on the suitability of two people in a partnership. If a person wants to know the likelihood of a long-term relationship, then by supplying the date and preferably the time of birth of the two people involved a synastry chart reading can be produced to indicate the compatibility of the couple.

Relationships develop at a different rate for different people, but all initially start with an attraction which is generally a physical attraction, but not necessarily a sexual attraction. In these early stages of friendship, each party is discovering the characteristics of the other, but because both are keen to create a good impression underlying personality traits are hidden.

Ongoing Relationship

The second phase of a relationship, and as the novelty and newness wears off, the true personality of those involved start to appear. This is when the true value of synastry can be used to decide if the relationship has the foundation to last the test of time. A reading like this will indicate the strengths and weaknesses of each party, allowing the other to establish how compatible the relationship is likely to be.

A synastry reading will include the determination of parallels and contra-parallels between the positions of the planets. Parallels are similar to conjunctions with the opposite being contra-parallels. Planets that form an aspect to each other are considered in parallel and consequently much stronger in its bearing in the natal chart at the time of birth. By reading these conjunctions and accepting that the planets play a major role in our character makeup, we can determine the compatibility of two people through synastry.

Compatibility Examples

Without going into too much detail, astrology has found there to be accepted compatibility matches between different zodiac signs on a basic level. However, it is important to bear in mind that even though some people may share the same Sun sign, each person is still uniquely different. Therefore, delving into the deeper aspects of the natal chart and considering the parallels, contra-parallels and the various planetary alignments will paint a deeper picture of the possible connection that can or is taking place.

Having said that, here is an overview of some of the universally accepted compatible matches.


People born under the sign of Taurus are generally said to be a good romantic match for Virgo’s and Pisces. The primary reason that Taurus is said to be a good match with a Virgo or a Pisces comes down to the head-strong nature of Taurus and their unwavering drive to succeed. Virgo and Pisces also have a degree of strength and determination to them, which can cause an attraction between these signs.

Although the quality of stubbornness, determination and a head-strong nature are usually perceived as masculine qualities, it is not only the Taurus male who exhibits these traits. Taurean women are known to be equally stubborn and determined. For these reasons, both Taurean men and women often do well in business and stop at nothing to achieve their goals and desires, which in it of itself, are also very attractive qualities. However, having said this, there are also differences between the male and female of any of the zodiac signs, while they will also share many character traits. If you would like more info on the Taurus male then see https://taurusmen.net. For more detailed insight on the Taurean lady see https://horoscopes.lovetoknow.com.


Gemini people are said to be especially suited to a relationship with an Aquarius or Libran. This connection is primarily due to the Aquarian and Libran both feeling drawn to the affectionate nature of the Gemini.


Generally, Cancarians are very compatible to Scorpio’s or Pisces. This is interesting as all three of these signs are water signs. Water signs are known for their deep emotions, and it often takes another water sign to ‘get them’.


Leo’s are very flamboyant and like to be the center of attention and are best matched with Gemini, Libra, Aries and Sagittarius.


This earth sign is best suited to a Taurus or Capricorn. Again, we see a connection between three signs of the same element; earth. The all like the practical approach to life that the other brings.


Libran’s are most compatible with Leo’s and Sagittarius. This could be primarily due to the peaceful vibe of the Libran that draws these two fire signs, whereas Libra can be attracted to their fiery nature.


Again, the Scorp is attracted and most compatible with the other two water signs of the zodiac, Pisces and Cancer for the reasons mentioned above.


A Sag is also highly compatible with the other two fire signs of the zodiac, Leo and Aries along with Libra and Aquarius.


Capricorn usually does well with a Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio or Pisces.


Aquarians are said to be best suited to a Libra or Gemini character. All these signs are pretty social, however, they all like and respect their independence.


A Piscean is most compatible with the other two water signs of the zodiac; Scorpio and Cancer. Together they share a deep emotional bond with an understanding that no other zodiac sign can match.


There is much mystery surrounding the word Karma, and lots of sayings associated with its meaning. In this article, I will try to throw some light on what it actually is and how popular sayings, such as ‘It will come home to roost’, or ‘They will get what’s coming to them’ have originated.

There is also a lot of fear around Karma and people think that God, Shiva or the universe will punish them in some way for their wrong-doings. While this may be true, Karma can also work in your favor too. For example, Karma states that if we do a good deed for somebody then good things will come back to us in return. Read on for a more detailed analysis of this fascinating subject.

The Law of Karma

The interpretation is that unkind or evil intent, will be re-focused back to the wrong-doer and that they will pay the penalty and suffer for the infliction on another person. This is the basis of what has become accepted as the Law of Karma. That what we give out we will receive back. There is also much speculation that the reflected actions may not necessarily happen in this lifetime, but the philosophy is also a strong believer in the next and subsequent lives.

There are many different interpretations of the law. However, the root of it seems to stem from ancient Indian thinking. Here is a great article on the Indian perspective of Karma.

In life we create situations on a daily basis when we interact with other people and some of these interactions may not be what we intended. Anger with another person is an example of inflicting my anger on a person who is then affected by my anger. This, in turn, has the effect of me being happy if the other person is suffering. I create an atmosphere that I have damaged my enemy and in so doing enlightened my own suffering.

Whether the intention is good or bad the action causes an effect that is tangible, and the side effects could have an unintended outcome on other people around us. Is it possible to imagine our world in which no one harms another person in any way? Someone who harms a person, or is harmed by a person, in return. This cannot exist because the human race is made up of people who harm others and are wrongly thinking that no recourse will come of it.

Karma is created in this very second and is continued through habit whether it be good Karma or bad Karma. Karma is not hiding in the shadows ready to reward us or punish us, it is within ourselves and controllable by our actions. When we speak and act without thinking we may well be introducing bad Karma unintentionally. In an ideal world, we would find a way of changing our habits to create good Karma which would then be returned to us at a later time.

Creating good Karma

A desirable state to strive for is one of understanding of oneself and of appreciation to those around us. To comprehend and understand how those affected by our actions will then go on to have a positive or negative effect on other human beings. Knowing an aggressor can be transformed if we reacted in a different way to how they imagined.

Instead of shouting and screaming abuse in return to an affliction try to understand why a person is so aggressive. Building a relationship on understanding another person’s point of view will have the benefits of a more stable life and an assurance of good Karma returned sooner or in another existence.

Karma is also an important consideration when in a relationship with another person. Our actions, no matter how small, will affect the other person in that relationship. Therefore, we can be creating good or bad Karma with them along the way. It is important to always stay mindful of your actions and words to your spouse or lover and if you have wronged or offended your partner then you should look to apologise and make amends as soon as possible in order to help your relationship and to also negate the bad Karma. If you are concerned that you have bad Karma that you need to resolve then read this great article seven tips to negate bad Karma, here.

Looking to astrology can also help to determine where bad Karma may have been accumulated and offer some suggestions on how you can rectify and change it in order to create a more happy life for yourself. Therefore, relationship astrology can be very helpful in maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner.

For more insights into how Karma works, see this video by Leo, below.


an astrology book and chartAstronomy is the study of stars, planets and other celestial bodies that are evident in the universe and is classified as a science because of the endless possibilities of new discoveries in outer space.

Astrology is the study of the movement and interrelationship of the planets to be able to predict significant events and changes in people’s lives.

For as long as humans have walked the earth they have gazed in amazement at the star-studded sky to ascertain what effects the movements of the planets have on our everyday lives. Throughout most of our human history, we have had no real knowledge of the outer space that we have wondered at and treated the movements of the planets as having some divine power that has control over our lives.

With the modern technology available to us today we are now in a position to study the wider universe and almost every month we hear of a new discovery even though we are penetrating deeper and deeper into the unknown. Our thirst for knowledge of how we arrived on earth and if it is possible for life on other planets to exist is insatiable and scientists believe it may only be a short time before we have those answers.

Astrologers, however, look at the universe in a completely different way even though it is only about 5000 years since formal records of astrology have existed. The constantly changing sky and the movements of the planets with the meteor showers have led to the belief that this sparkling world above our heads had a bearing with controls over our lives.

Special significance has been attached to the belief that our individual human fate is dictated and controlled by the heavenly bodies above us. The Mayan empire and Greeks through to Ancient Chinese and Egyptians saw special significance in astrology with western doctrines dating back some 3000 years.

Over time astrology has adopted a stronger belief that natal readings, which are a chart prepared for a person at the time of their birth, can predict a person’s character and to some extent the traits of their personality. This is seen as particularly useful if a person is wanting to know if a relationship will be long-lasting or not.

For several thousands of years, astrology has been considered in a scientific context along with other natural sciences like astronomy and geology. This tradition and powerful belief has simply been accepted as another human experience even though there has been no scientific proof that it works, simply relying on coincidental evidence.

However, over a relatively short period over the last 200 years, astrology has lost its self-imposed legitimate science connotation through the desire for authenticity. However millions of people around the world still turn to the horoscope pages of their daily newspaper to ascertain a good or bad day ahead. Anyone wanting to foresee their future should consult a qualified astrologer and use their natal chart as the basis of the reading.