an astrology book and chartAstronomy is the study of stars, planets and other celestial bodies that are evident in the universe and is classified as a science because of the endless possibilities of new discoveries in outer space.

Astrology is the study of the movement and interrelationship of the planets to be able to predict significant events and changes in people’s lives.

For as long as humans have walked the earth they have gazed in amazement at the star-studded sky to ascertain what effects the movements of the planets have on our everyday lives. Throughout most of our human history, we have had no real knowledge of the outer space that we have wondered at and treated the movements of the planets as having some divine power that has control over our lives.

With the modern technology available to us today we are now in a position to study the wider universe and almost every month we hear of a new discovery even though we are penetrating deeper and deeper into the unknown. Our thirst for knowledge of how we arrived on earth and if it is possible for life on other planets to exist is insatiable and scientists believe it may only be a short time before we have those answers.

Astrologers, however, look at the universe in a completely different way even though it is only about 5000 years since formal records of astrology have existed. The constantly changing sky and the movements of the planets with the meteor showers have led to the belief that this sparkling world above our heads had a bearing with controls over our lives.

Special significance has been attached to the belief that our individual human fate is dictated and controlled by the heavenly bodies above us. The Mayan empire and Greeks through to Ancient Chinese and Egyptians saw special significance in astrology with western doctrines dating back some 3000 years.

Over time astrology has adopted a stronger belief that natal readings, which are a chart prepared for a person at the time of their birth, can predict a person’s character and to some extent the traits of their personality. This is seen as particularly useful if a person is wanting to know if a relationship will be long-lasting or not.

For several thousands of years, astrology has been considered in a scientific context along with other natural sciences like astronomy and geology. This tradition and powerful belief has simply been accepted as another human experience even though there has been no scientific proof that it works, simply relying on coincidental evidence.

However, over a relatively short period over the last 200 years, astrology has lost its self-imposed legitimate science connotation through the desire for authenticity. However millions of people around the world still turn to the horoscope pages of their daily newspaper to ascertain a good or bad day ahead. Anyone wanting to foresee their future should consult a qualified astrologer and use their natal chart as the basis of the reading.