Savor The Flavor of Meditaiton

a woman meditatingWhen I was young I had a rather chaotic and busy mind. It would never shut up. On and on it would go and often drive me mad. I didn’t realize at the time as I was so young, but it was actually distracting me from my life and keeping me from being in the present moment. I was fortunate enough that my beloved grandmother recognized this in mea and taught me meditation in order to calm my mind and to allow me to enter more fully into the present moment. I learnt a great many lessons from my grandmother, one of the most powerful and beneficial for my life has certainly been meditation.

So why am I saying that meditation is so powerful and how could it possibly improve one’s life. Well, if for nothing else, being able to enter fully into the present moment is actually one of, if not the most powerful thing a person can do. This is because, when we are in the present moment we are fully able to tap into our unique gifts and talents and create fully with an open and honest heart. This the the place were we find our true power as creators. Besides this, meditation has also been found to improve one’s mental well-being as well as bringing about a wide range of other health benefits including improved sleep, lowered stress, better mood and a more happy and healthy heart.

Learning how to meditate is something that I recommend to everyone, no matter their age because it can benefit absolutely everyone. Savor the flavor of your meditations and learn to enjoy every moment as your practice will grow into a very enjoyable and profound experience over time. I advise that you start off slow and gently, perhaps only doing meditations sessions for ten to twenty minutes at a time. This is to help get you use to it but to also ensure that your practice remains enjoyable and something that you will always look forward to doing.

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