Trust Your Inner Guide For Light And Wisdom


One thing I learned form a very early age is to trust your inner guide and always listen to your soul. This lesson imparted on my by my grandmother has had such a profound effect on my life, so much so that my inner guide has lead me to wonderful relationships and connections with some of the most amazing people I have ever met, helped me to find the right career path and lead me on fascinating and amazing adventures, which I will be sharing on The Soulful Seed.

Over the years, I have also incorporated the use of astrology with my inner guide for more depth and understanding. However, I have become aware that many people will blindly follow astrology to the disregard of anything else, including their own inner voice of intuition. While I do of course, think astrology is amazing, powerful and profound in helping us understand, interpret and navigate the situations in our lives, personally, I think that we should actually, first and foremost listen to our own inner wisdom and then use astrology as a secondary guidance along the way where we may feel we need more guidance.

How To Listen To Your Inner Guidance

While this is often natural for many, there are also an astonishingly high amount of people who do not know how to listen to or recognize their inner voice. We all have it, it’s just a matter of listening, staying present and being receptive to the messages that it offers you. For some people the messages often come in dreams, however, for myself, I like to tune in through meditation. The inner voice of guidance also comes to me when I am doing mundane tasks, such as washing up, cleaning my teeth or taking a shower. I have noticed that in these moments my mind is often calm and clear, which provides a good platform to receive the messages. Once our mind is clear and our we are open to whatever may come forth, messages are much more easily able to come through to us.

Recognizing the messages

When we receive guidance form our inner voice it feels distinctly different from the ordinary voice of chatter and calamity that is often going around our heads. Rather, the voice of inner guidance and wisdom gives a gently nudge and often accompanied by either an inspirational thought or a deep knowing of what is true or which direction to follow. When you feel this you will know it. Trust in it and follow it to where it may lead you. Sometimes, we may feel that we need great strength in order to follow this guiding voice, but if we do choose to listen to the messages that it is presenting us with then usually it will take us in the right direction.

Why meditation helps

Meditation greatly helps with being able to tune into your inner voice during your meditation sessions and also in your waking life and dream state. This is because the practice of meditation helps a person to achieve a clearer, more calm state of mind and enter the present moment more fully. Once we are fully in the present, all manner of things can be possible for us, as well as tuning into our inner voice and guidance. Try it, trust in it and see where it leads you.