The Soulful Seed – Art of Life and Spirituality

a dandilion seedHello and thank you for visiting my blog. I am delighted to be launching my passion project where I will be blogging about all topics that are close to my heart. As a focal point, The Soulful Seed will primarily focus on topics of astrology and synastry. However, I will also be sharing my experiences with other spiritual aspects of my life and things that I have found particularly helpful, including meditation, mindfulness, Buddhism and Stoicism.

Synastry is the fascinating are of understanding and interpreting relationship connections that we have with people in order to understand the possibilities and potentials that we may have in any kind of relationship that we engage in. Knowing the possibilities that a relationship may bring can greatly help one to navigate the boat of love to calmer and safer waters and help both parties to experience a more rewarding and fulfilling relationship.

I hope you will enjoy The Soulful Seed and find it a useful, interesting and inspiring blog that you choose to come back to read again and again. This is a passion project of mine and so I will be writing The Soulful Seed in my spare time around my work and other life commitments. Sometimes I will have more time to write than others. However, I will be adding new articles and sharing my insights, inspirations and aspirations regularly over time.

Much love,