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Tips for a Soulful Kitchen

July 7th, 2013 / cat / 3 comments

My kitchen is my little universe where all the real magic happens. It’s the space where I create, consume, and most of all, CARE. I spend endless hours in my sacred space, and for that reason, it’s the space I give the most attention to when planning how to make it suit me.

I have remodeled more than 20 kitchens in the past few years and I have found many of the things I thought were important in the early days really are not. It simply comes down to “less is more”… with the exception of counter tops and chopping boards!

If you were to go on a guided tour with me through my kitchen, you would find some strange and interesting quirks:

  • No upper cabinets
  • An average size pantry with a few food items
  • An ultra-limited set of dishes
  • A general total lack of STUFF!

    I no longer need 20 appliances, 3 sets of china I never use, and 12 coffee cups. Actually come to think of it, I have never had 12 people over drinking coffee at one time. Hence the purge!

    What is it that I love and use the most?

  • Toaster oven
  • French press
  • Wooden spoons and spatulas
  • Wooden cutting boards (4 of them – different sizes)
  • 4 pots and pans (soup, rice, for warming, and for greens)
  • 4 knives
  • 1 Hand-held blender
  • Dish towels
  • And most of all…

  • My counter space
  • Stainless steel mixing bowls (I forgot to mention I do have a fetish about those)
  • I spent many an hour trying to be normal and to design the ultimate kitchen. Finally I got real and created a space that is functional, efficient, not crowded with stuff I do not use, and that is beautiful over boring. My kitchen has ample space to grow and I love my bar area with my computer – coffee is just a spin of the stool away. My pot of beans, soup and rice is right behind me and I am in a space filled with love, learning, and oh the amazing aromas! Now that is a kitchen. No stainless steel appliances and granite and gadgets needed here. I mean, my grandmother put out some mean meals and never ever owned so much as a Kitchen Aid mixer. It’s something to think about.

    What do we use, love, and need? As for me, it comes down to my handheld blender for soups and dressings. It even rocks for chopping as I pretty much live on hummus and nut butter! I use it more than once a week. My knives have been pared down to my favorite four. In Bali they use only one. Most people here in the States have 20 and still can’t cut an onion.

    Once again, I focus on what it is I really need, and enjoy. It’s not just my kitchen cabinets that contain a few items – my pantry is half full at best. Yup, I use it or I lose it!

    So here’s to keeping it simple, soulful, and SWEET. There is no good or bad as long as you have your space to create and enjoy. Beets have never been so good when you have a baking sheet filled with sliced veggies from the co-op and your favorite herbs, plus a pinch of curry from the local shop! It’s all about the easy and the simple.
    Now look around. What do you use, love, need, want, and most of all can’t wait to prepare? Begin! Motivation is what gets you started, but habits are what keep you going in a positive direction!

    Share with me what kitchen items have you purged, or how you have set up your kitchen to bring joy to your cooking. What change in your kitchen would help you get in touch with making cooking magic happen? I love to hear your stories so leave me a comment!

    Have a delicious day!

    Your foodie friend,

    Susan Huff

    3 Responses to “Tips for a Soulful Kitchen”

    1. liz says:

      I love this article about simplifying your kitchen!! Very practical! I agree….you don’t need 20 knifes and multiple sets of everyday dishes (but I still hold out for my grandmothers china and my holiday dishes)! Keep the useful info coming Susan!! Love and Light, Liz

    2. Debbie George says:

      I gave up the big food processor, and drawers full of doo dads, cupboards full of dish sets, condiments I will never use, oodles of mixing bowls….but my knives, nope never. I love those babies and for some reason, I go thru several for each meal. By the time the dishwasher has run, my knife magnet is empty. Maybe my eating habits vary too much. Maybe that is what needs to be revamped. This was a very interesting article.

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