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Sugar and the Holidays! Guest Blog Q&A Feat. Isabelle M. Simon

December 9th, 2013 / cat / 0 comments

Certified Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant, Isabelle M. Simon, M.A., C.N. shares with us insights for the sugar-laden holiday season! Happy, Healthy Holidays everyone!

Q: With so many parties this time of the year, and people bringing a lot of sweets to work, how do I avoid putting on weight? How do I avoid the food pushers?

A: The key is balance. If you know you are going to drink more, and have an extra serving (or two) of that tempting chocolate cake, then increase both your raw veggies & protein intake. Also increase your physical activity level, so that you can burn those extra calories.

As for the sweets at work, if it’s store bought, I recommend staying away all together, as the added chemicals and preservatives are killers and pure poison. If it’s home made/baked, and the person insists on you trying their family recipe, and you want to have some, then, don’t torture yourself and have a bite.

If you are gluten intolerant, you could politely ask: “Does it have gluten? I am extremely intolerant and cannot afford to get sick.” If you simply do not want to have it, but do not want to risk hurting the person’s feelings, then you could say: “I’m full right now, but I will try it in a moment, thanks!” Nobody will check to see if you will have some later or not.

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