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Savor the Flavor

July 1st, 2013 / cat / 3 comments

Oh me oh my, oh what shall I buy? ‘Tis the day for shopping, so I head to the store with my list. It’s time to glean the grocery to get some basics in before co-op day (which is when I get the real goods!).

I prep myself to find foods that are within my “personal good choice bracket.” Yes, even I enter the pearly gates of Publix to get my so-called necessities. And I have to admit, now and then, I am pleasantly surprised by what I find in the growing organic sections.

As I venture toward the produce section I notice the greens and reflect on what is coming tomorrow from the co-op bounty. You can never have too many greens – unless of course you can’t eat or freeze them within a week! I gather kale, carrots, and cucumbers, and feel pretty good about myself. In fact, my ego soars as a neighbor passes and notices my choices. Ah, but Susan, let’s walk our talk; you don’t even like cucumbers, and you are craving a creamy, decadent quiche. What does it matter if Sally Sue sees you with the right choices? Hum…OK…cucumbers go back.

Back to staying true to what my body wants: that quiche! I remember that I have humanely-sourced, organic—and cheaper!—eggs coming tomorrow from the local co-op, and I have cheese remnants in my freezer. Now off to the milk aisle — you see, I have no cow in my yard so when it comes to milk, this is when the best choice mode switches on. I love Eden products and I need milk for my quiche – so Eden rice milk will do. Julia may have told us to use half and half, but she too was a creator and would have to appreciate that rice milk from Eden is the best choice for me — and I am the creator of my meals!

Let’s see. I have spinach coming in the co-op basket and plenty of herbs in the garden, and hopefully some fresh red peppers. And by the way, organic peppers only please—they are one of the most pesticide-contaminated vegetables you can find. This is when good choices come in. Pay more for the good stuff, especially for the produce that receives heavy pesticide action.

As I pass by “Produce Dave” (as I call him) I ask for the umpteenth time, “Got any local love?” He smiles, knowing that I care about buying local food. He also knows that I will keep asking until the big stores offer locally grown produce. Just think, if we all asked our respective “Produce Daves” for local kale or collards, how long do you think it would take to make changes happen? Oh yeah!

Time for a reconnaissance mission! I am walking down the cereal aisle just to check on how much processed—non-real—food there is. Oh my, there are lots of unnatural ingredients in these boxes – it’s all stuff that people do not need in their bodies. Whew, time to move on.  There are still a few things to be had, but not on this aisle!

So, next, I see artichokes in a glass jar. They will be great for the quiche. I also find salad dressing with four ingredients. Add some of my homegrown herbs to that and I will be set. I see art in the kitchen happening soon! You see, Sundays are my soulful, savor-the-flavor day. Time to use it or lose it – boy, can I create some rocking soup on a Sunday. It’s like a play date in the kitchen. And my cooking is like paint on a canvas that depicts all I have to be happy about and what I love to eat.

Back to the present! I move on down past the packaged rice and grab a bag of Black Lotus rice. I love it. I go for a bag of split peas too – the ultimate friend to soup. And soup is always on my brain.

Next aisle, I pick up the recycled toilet paper and pass up the baggies, and paper towels (more on that later), and head off to the bakery section…more research and reconnaissance! I see, I smell, fresh baked bread. Alas this bread has 37 ingredients. Oh me, oh my! Let’s put that back on the shelf.

As I pay for my bounty I look at the choices. I see a good selection of foods I needed, and a few that I just love. Call it a selection from the soul.

Now I am off home to store my bounty. I have a few almonds on the way. They are the ultimate travel food!

So what will you fill your pantry with? What are you craving? What is it that you are itching to create?

I send you my love and support, and the encouragement to ask your produce people for local, organic food! Let’s see if we really can change the world one produce guy at a time.

Have a delicious day!

From your foodie friend,

Susan Huff


3 Responses to “Savor the Flavor”

  1. Debra Harrow says:

    A day in the life of someone who cherishes the concepts of localization and food sovereignty-magnificent, and so inspiring.

  2. susan says:

    YEA ME and YEA CO-OP love it a good thing

  3. susan says:

    YEA – CO-OPS where the real food is

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