Planting seeds of health and happiness

At SoulfulSeed, we are all about sharing the love. To strengthen our real food community, get to know those who grow or sell organic, local produce right here in Tampa Bay. See here also those who provide services that help you connect to the land, to yourself, and to the beauty of wholesome, wonderful food.

Simon Wellness Consulting, LLC - Isabelle Simon 

Good health is a choice, not a chance. My mission is simple: give my clients and students the wellness education, tools and resources they need to become the pro-actors of their vibrant health rather than the victims of their poor health. I encourage you to make small, sustainable, realistic behavioral and nutritional changes, adopting a healthier lifestyle, not just for a day, a week or a month, but for life!

Abigail Dougherty – Nutrition Expert

Our vibrant friend, Abigail Dougherty, is a Registered/Licensed Dietitian and nutritionist. She helps her clients find manageable ways to create a healthy lifestyle that suits them as individuals. A true inspiration, we love Abigail. Learn more about her background and services at her website.

Enliven Wellness Works – Worksite & Individual Health Experts

This exceptional group of wellness professionals offers wellness programs and services to corporations and individuals. Specifically they deliver wellness education, coaching, health therapies, and dietary guidance for “improved health, well-being, and happiness.” Get to know Jennifer Oppelt and her team at their website:

Lutz Lakeside Massage

So much more than massage! A home-based practice that offers listening-room-style house concerts, spiritual and educational retreats, and “delectable culinary gatherings.” Their goal is to bring health and well being to you from a variety of approaches, whether it’s through music, massage, or food art!

Deserie’s HerbalWise

An amazing resource for natural home remedies and taking charge of your health naturally. Learn from Chinese Herbalist, author, speaker, and advisor Deserie Vallorio through her awesome Q&A section or her services.

Intelligent Gourmet
Intelligent Gourmet of Tampa, FL is here to help you and your family heal yourself with clean food and a healthy diet — they craft high-quality prepared meals, juices, and other items for your convenience. Linda Baldwin of Intelligent Gourmet writes a great blog which we are glad to share with you.
Intelligent Gourmet – Blog

Your Emotional Wisdom
An on-line, experiential course that shares the benefits of emotional mastery! Explore audio interviews, stories, and written material — framed and presented with the most stunning artwork by Ria Shannon.
Emotional Wisdom

Urban Food Park
An Organic Farm CSA, Edible Botanical Eco Attraction, Extraordinary Event Venue, Pop up Restaurant, Co-op Cafe, Commercial Kitchen.

Urban Food Park will be a unique 14-acre food-centered theme park attraction that will reconnect people with the source of their food and provide them with a sensory experience like no other.

Urban Food Park