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My Love Affair with Food

June 17th, 2013 / admin / 0 comments

Today is no different than most days in the life of Susan in that I woke up thinking about food!

Much of my time each and every day is spent growing, preparing, storing, sharing, and eating food – glorious goodness that fills my soul, and my heart. Watching food grow, creating meals, reading about food, writing about food, and even thinking about food, are the truly enjoyable and inspiring parts of my day.


So, flash back 30 years ago to 1982. I was 22 and thin; I had a great job, a great apartment, a nice car, and a full-on battle with the worst enemy of my life. You know with what – food. It seems so surreal to remember the continuous mind games I played with myself, and the countless hours I spent obsessing about food – when I would eat, where I would eat, how much, how little, yada yada, yada. I literally spent every waking moment in fear of food and its power over me. On any given day I might allow myself literally just 4-6 diet sodas and 4-6 sticks of gum, then a few days later I would crash and devour an entire box of graham crackers.

Some days were worse than others, but every minute of every day I was in fear of food. Obsessed with keeping the façade of a perfect body, I was scared of what food could do to my physique. I could tell you all the dirty details of my food obsession, but for time’s sake, I will share that I was not bulimic, or anorexic, but I was absorbed in a full-on battle with what I thought of as the demon of food. I felt horrible physically and emotionally, all of the time, yet being thin was all that mattered.

As the story goes for many a health crisis, my deep depression resulted in my losing the war and saving my life. Yes, I got so sick and tired of fear, and feeling awful, and those darn crackers, that I joined OA (Overeaters Anonymous) and got therapy. I realized I was killing myself and food was not the enemy…I was! This was one huge wake-up call. I had to learn what a healthy diet meant—there was a lot to learn—and change!

Fast forward 30 years later—after some amazing and divine gifts gained from my holistic health teacher, Dr. Bernard Jensen, my gardening teacher, Gunther Hauk, hundreds of books, tapes and lots of prayer on changing my attitude towards food—and I have come full circle! Giving birth to my son was the crowning moment; I decided, not only do I want to be real, to be healthy, and to love food, I wanted to teach and share what saved my life.

Today I am totally in love with and in a committed relationship with my best friend ever…the truest gift in life, pure love from the Universe to you: the bliss and bounty of food! This intimate relationship is so beautiful and powerful that it makes me smile to think of how much I love food! It is real, it is beautiful, it is a gift.

I hope you will continue with me on my journey with food.  It is quite tasty!

Have a delicious day.

Your foodie friend,

Susan Huff

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