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Make-Ahead Meals

March 14th, 2014 / cat / 0 comments

I mix up my menus from week to week, but I do like to keep some staples in rotation. Here’s a look at the five things that keep me healthy and ready for the week!

1. Soup

With the lingering winter weather, this has been the perfect comfort food. This week I made a white bean soup with plenty of kale and brown rice. These are my favorite types of soups — the ones that feel hearty, filling and satisfying. A huge pot of soup is the gift that keeps on giving. I was able to get several meals out of this one pot. It could have even fed me for the occasional breakfast in addition to my dinners!

2. Roasted Veggies

This week I roasted up a couple of sweet potatoes, but you can roast any veggie that you like. I’ve been known to roast Brussels sprouts, beets, broccoli and cauliflower. The fact that it’s already cooked and prepped makes it easy to grab and go or add to a bed of greens for a more filling salad. This week I found myself smashing up sweet potatoes and topping them with almond butter. YUMMERS.

3. A Giant Salad

I like to take the biggest mixing bowl I have that comes with a lid and fill it to the gills with prepped greens. I prefer non-delicate greens such as kale, shredded Brussels sprouts or shredded cabbage—if not a combination of all three. I also make a Buddha bowl with all the greens I have, and Hummus in a separate container. The heartier cruciferous greens are friendly to the taste buds when they come to adding dressing. I keep my carrots, radish, celery etc. chopped and ready in a huge bowl of water – perfect and crisp anytime for munching. Spinach and romaine work great…just keep them apart from the purple cabbage until it is time to serve – OOOH!

4. Protein

This week it was baked chicken. I knew I could easily chop it up and serve it over the salad or pair it with the sweet potatoes for a super easy meal. I’ve also turned on my slow cooker on a Sunday and let a piece of organic beef, or even a whole cut-up chicken in water with veggies, take its time to really deliver its flavors. It really depends on what you’re in the mood for and what you have on hand. Hard boiled eggs are another super easy protein to prep ahead of time. Almonds travel so well in the car or on the plane!

5. Quinoa

I’m a sucker for this grain (technically it is a seed). I add it to salads, put a little bit in some soup or throw some chicken on it for a quick lunch. I made one and a half cups and we had more than enough to dip into it at breakfast and dinner time.  I make two to three pots of rice or grain a week and keep them in the fridge!

That’s what my week looked like! Grab the ingredients you like, add in a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts, and you’ve got an instant lunch.

Do you plan ahead for the week? I would love to hear your favorites.  Plan ahead — it is PLENTY of fun!!


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