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The Most REAL Fabulous Olive Oil I Trust!!

April 7th, 2014 / cat / 0 comments

Olea Estates certified organic olive oil rates in the top olive oils in the world. The olives have been handpicked and immediately cold pressed for four generations by the Chronis family since 1856. There is no heat added to the process or filtration.

Olive oil and olives are the basis of the Mediterranean diet and are full of antioxidants (cancer fighting elements). Olea Estates organic olive oil is consistently very low in acidity, 0.00<0.3. It can be used in all cooking. As with all true olive oils only use low heat. The best health benefits from olive oil are from cold consumption.

The 2014 crop is due into the US in late May or early June. Olea Estates products are always hand inspected and not irradiated. The 2014 crop was tasted by the certified European Taster who stated it was the best in the valley of Sparta. He bought a full year supply for his own family’s use.

Use Olea olive oil mixed with Olea red wine vinegar as a salad dressing or marinade for meats, fish, chicken. Drizzle Olea over any grilled, steamed or baked vegetable. Cook your eggs in a teaspoon of Olea. Add Olea to any soup, stew or stir fry (at the end of cooking). Add to beans or rice. Coat a steak, chicken breast, roast or fish fillet with Olea before cooking. Of course you can just dip some artesian bread into Olea and enjoy the pure flavor! Or add a little Olea wild oregano for a special treat!

Olea Estates olives are always hand harvested, very low sodium (5.25% sea salt), and full of antioxidants.  The olives are not pasteurized and retain all their probiotics. The olives are in a brine of sea salt, red wine vinegar and mountain spring water. Enjoy them plain, in salads, on pizza or any of your favorite dishes.

Olea Estates wild grown oregano grows 7000ft above sea level and is hand harvested by the Chronis family. It will add a wonderful flavor to your meals. Another super- antioxidant, try oregano on your salad or eggs. Add oregano  to all pasta dishes (with Olea olive oil), soups, stews, roasts.

Olea Estates Greek Mountain Tea (Sideritas)is another super antioxidant. Handpicked from Mount Parnon, east of Sparta, at an elevation of 6000 feet, this herbal tea has over 60 know health benefits. Included in these are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and use as a digestive aid. This herbal tea is caffeine free.