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Awakening to Real Food – Forget About Calories, Connect with Nourishment

June 20th, 2013 / admin / 0 comments

I feel it is the right time to share how I truly fell in LOVE with food – not just to share how I developed such a heartfelt appreciation for food, but to inspire a connection to the source of real food. I want to share how I learned to forget about calories, and how I discovered how food really nourishes us.

Three of my most memorable times in my self-discovery and adventure with food came over several years and with the most amazing teachers. When I close my eyes and remember those vivid experiences I come alive like on the day they happened.

My Grandfather loved his half acre garden in the deep south of Louisiana – no irrigation mind you, yet he could grow anything. I so wanted to soak up all he had learned over 81 years! It was a hot summer day, in the middle of July, I was 27, and little prepared for the harvest of melons with Grandpa Smith. It was humid, heavy, hard work. When the truck was full, we sat down, and he cracked open a watermelon on the side of the truck. We used our hands to scoop our share, and—BAM!—just like that, Nirvana! The juice dripped down my face, the sweetness filled my soul, and the flavor permeated every pore. I was in Heaven! My grandfather looked at me with his wise eyes and we both knew: I had just downloaded everything that mattered. My heart spilled over with gratitude. I was a Grower of food from that day forward. What a gift — the moment and the man.

Some 10 more years later—why it took me so long, I don’t know!—I decided to make butter the real way. So, on to Salem, Florida (yes the state I often complain about as backwards) where I milked my first cow! The next day, for the very first time, I got to see cream—real Cream—being made. It was beautiful, it was pure, and it was REAL. My angel Debbie (milking teacher/butter maker) made coffee, in a tea cup and shared 2 spoons of real, full fat cream! Let me tell you, it put those tall lattes in their place. Talk about satiation shock, sensory overload, a complete sensual joy. I mean, I can describe just how much joy and pure love, pure bliss I felt, but you might start to think TMI girl!

Now fast forward with me to 2012. I am 50. My third favorite memory was that of my first truly Italian—in ITALY—appetizer! To set the scene, I was taking cooking lessons at a villa from my beloved Sergio (a chef, farmer, olive grower and SAINT). We made pasta, veal, sauce, and ravioli. We tasted, played and learned. He offered me a sample of some…I had no clue what! At first taste, my jaw dropped. “That is divine… may I have more?” The next day he came to my room with a small plate of pate. I had to ask what it was. “Chicken liver pate,” he replied. Ok, so hold up. I had been a rebel, religious, righteous vegetarian for 7 years and I was about to eat…organ meat!? He smiled, looked at me with his huge heart, handed me freshly baked bread and the pate. I took a huge bite, chewed ever so slowly and tears ran down my face, he looked at me and said Susan, “There is no fat in LOVE.” How do you ever repay someone who bestows that gift to you? Sergio pronounced me a COOK and will remain in my heart as a gift from God! To this day those words fill my soul. Some angels come to us so perfectly!

So, next time you are compelled to look at the calories on the label, please for the love of food, and the love of self, skip on down to the real deal ingredients, the farm it was grown at, the person who made it! Look at the person, the place, and the passion that the food you choose to eat is prepared with.

Choose love over labels.  Choose nourishment over facts. Choose taste over speed.

There is no way to measure healing, love, or satiation – but these are the true building blocks of becoming Real with FOOD and super healthy in the process. It just gets better the more you chew!

Have a delicious day. Here is to your nourished soul.

All my love, your foodie friend,

Susan Huff

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